Free your Mind: Behold Retreats Launches Plant Medicine Journeys


The pandemic has taken its toll on our mental health – could entheogen plant medicine retreats be the answer? Designed to elevate guests to peak performance and wellbeing, Behold Retreats offers enlightening getaways in Costa Rica, the Netherlands and Peru where the San Pedro cactus, psilocybin and ayahuasca are legal. The retreats guide guests into an expanded state of consciousness and promise to promote long-lasting psychological growth.

Behold Retreats create programmes tailored each guests’ individual needs and preferences, each of which includes education, preparation, retreat, and post-integration support with a qualified coach or therapist. On returning home, guests are supported to make sustained improvements to the quality of their everyday life.

While some university studies have found that the psilocybin experience made participants calmer, happier and kinder, research has also shown entheogen plant medicine to be effective in treating anxiety, depression and PTSD under therapeutic conditions, as plant medicine promotes neurogenesis, enabling reconciliation between parts of the brain that don’t normally exchange information.

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