Pure Fitness Debuts New Training Concept, Fuze

Pure Fitness has launched a boutique training programme, Fuze, that’s firing up the fitness game in Hong Kong and Singapore with high-voltage programmes and personalised coaching.

A world-first exclusive, Les Mills Ceremony is a functional training workout crafted around the concept of natural human movement. The 45-minute circuit consists of varied structures and equipment that condition the body and improve functional strength and cardio fitness.

The second global pilot programme by Les Mills to arrive at Fuze, Les Mills Conquer, is a 3-in-1 boxing conditioning workout that comprises treadmill running, aquabag punching, and resistance-based cardio exercises over each 45-minute session. Structured like a boxing match with three minutes of work followed by a minute of recovery, this motivational workout enhances power while building strength and speed. Developed by Pure Fitness exclusively for Fuze, Blaze is a targeted strength and HIIT combo tests agility and pushes muscles as clients build core strength.

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