Beach villa revamp at the Ritz-Carlton Phulay Bay

One of Krabi’s most exclusive getaways, Ritz-Carlton Phulay Bay will unveil its newly-renovated beach villas this December, which have been reinvigorated it with a contemporary touch.

Inspiration is drawn from the rich scenery surrounding Phulay Bay with the colour palette derived from the sunset. Accents of purple, red, yellow and green adorn the inside of coronet arches, decorative pillows and floral patterns of the timber doors. The forms of the villas and pools borrow from the rich design language of Phulay Bay, creating a composition consistent with the rest of the resort while carefully crafted details such as the bedroom doors, which are painted with scenes of a northern couple playing hide-and- seek in the gardens, add a sense of refinement and intimacy. The craftsmanship, vibrant colours and rich planting give each villa an individual character, providing a unique experience and atmosphere for guests.

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