Celebrate Chinese New Year at Rosewood Beijing

With Lunar New Year approaching, Rosewood Beijing has launched several upscale culinary journeys designed to satisfy the most discerning diners.

At Country Kitchen, Beijing-born chef Leo Chai presents two Reunion Set Dinners from 4-9 February. Menu highlights include Family Style Braised Bran Dough, Traditional Beijing Roast Duck and Braised Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish. Beijingers’ favourites such as glutinous rice cake and dumplings are also served to enrich the festive celebration, priced at CNY568 per person (for four or above). The second reunion menu features Chinese specialties such as Traditional Roasted Lamb Leg with Baked Naan Bread, Braised Pork Belly with Abalone and Yuan Bao dumpling, priced at CNY666 per person (for four or above).

The House of Dynasties specialises in contemporary adaptations of authentic Cantonese cuisine in private dining rooms. From 4-19 February, it will offer three festive menus at CNY6,888, CNY12,888 and CNY16,888 respectively, which serves up to ten diners. All three menus begin with traditional dishes including Chinese Milk Cabbage with Garlic Sauce and Barbecued Crispy Pork Belly, followed by Ancient Steamed Sun Hock Fish, Delicately Braised Fish Maw with Abalone Sauce and Stewed Wild Rice with Sea Cucumber.

At Red Bowl, hot pot connoisseurs can enjoy an authentic hot pot experience with a contemporary twist, with Australian Beef Chuck Roll, Ningxia Boneless Lamb Rib Roll. The festive set menu is priced at CNY988 for two and unlimited drinks at CNY100 per person.

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