Kafnu Taipei: a New Lifestyle Space for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Singapore-based Next Story Group has opened lifestyle space Kafnu Taipei, its first outpost in Taiwan. Holistically designed to encourage creatives and entrepreneurs to thrive professionally and socially, it blends the five elements of living, work, play, learning and rest in its design to create a dynamic ecosystem that fosters peer exchange, advice and innovation. It comprises a capsule hotel, bar, fitness studios, restaurant,recording & photography studios and meeting rooms. 
“Kafnu is a real life physical social network designed to bring creative minds – artists, entrepreneurs, designers, start-ups and companies – together in a creative ecosystem so they can really draw on and harness the support of their peers and a wider engaged professional network,” says Morris Sim, chief marketing officer of Next Story Group. “We’ll establish a blend of online and offline social networks to create a thriving network of Kafnu ecosystems for creatives and entrepreneurs,” he adds.

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