Finnair Test Face Recognition Technology

Finnair and Helsinki airport operator Finavia have piloted the use of face recognition technology for the check-in process of Finnair flights in the Finnish capital.


During the test period this May involving a group of 1,000 frequent flyers, it gathered information on the applicability of face recognition technology to the airport environment and the systems and processes utilised by the airline.


Participants used a test application to send their portraits to the test system. When checking in to their flights, they were assigned to a designated check-in desk and a customer service agent checked their travel information then indicated if the face recognition was successful.


“Facial recognition is part of the larger megatrend of biometric recognition, and it will enable “Hands in the pockets” travelling, where you no longer need any travel documents, says Heikki Koski, vice president of Helsinki Airport for Finavia. “When all travel-related information is digitised, it takes less time and is easier to get through the checkpoints at the airport. Last year, we tested facial recognition technology at the employee security control and the results were very encouraging,” he adds.


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