Singapore Airlines Debuts Green Package Flights to San Francisco

Singapore Airlines has started operating a series of 12 ‘green package’ flights over a three-month period on its non-stop San Francisco-Singapore route.


Featuring SIA’s most fuel-efficient aircraft, the Airbus A350-900 - the ‘green package’ flights are the first in the world to combine the use of biofuels, fuel-efficient aircraft and optimised flight operations. The first of the 12 flights, SQ31, departed San Francisco on 1 May with 206 passengers on board.


The initiative supports the efforts under the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB) 2015 to develop Singapore as a leading green economy, where businesses adopt more efficient and sustainable processes to reduce their environmental impact.


Over the three-month period, flight SQ31 will be powered by a combination of HEFA (Hydro-processed Esters and Fatty Acids), a sustainable biofuel produced from used cooking oils and conventional jet fuel.

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