An Air of Calm at Bawah Private Island

Located 150 nautical miles northeast of Singapore, Bawah Private Island offers the ultimate in wellness – privacy and peace. Slated to make its debut this Summer and accessible via private seaplane, the development comprises six private islands and only accepts 70 guests at a time.

Set over 300 hectares, the development includes three lagoons, 13 beaches and lush jungle canopy for trekking. Guests are housed in one of 35 safari tented villas, including 11 Water Villas for prime views of the sunrise and sunset.

With a sustainable eco-friendly focus, accommodation is fashioned from bamboo and recycled teak and is situated in a marine conservation area. Hike through the jungle, snorkel in the lagoons and practise your yoga moves from the privacy of the villa, each of which is equipped with its own yoga pavilion.

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