Nespresso Launches Its First Aged Coffee

Nespresso has added the brand’s first aged coffee, Selection Vintage 2014, to its Limited Edition Grand Crus portfolio, allowing coffee connoisseurs the chance to savour the texture, flavours, and aromatic profile of this special brew.

Every year, Nespresso experts craft Limited Edition Grands Crus to provide coffee lovers with the most exceptional and surprising coffee experiences, and the Selection Vintage 2014 is the brand’s latest addition to the line. Best enjoyed as an espresso for a distinctive coffee moment, the vintage is a complex blend with elegant woodiness, softened fruity notes and a smooth velvet-like texture.

Aged coffee is matured over several years, which allows it to develop new sensory dimensions. While only 1-2 percent of the coffee grown globally meets Nespresso's specific taste and aroma profiles and quality requirements, Nespresso experts meticulously aged Arabica coffee beans sourced three years ago from high altitudes in the Colombian highlands, to create Selection Vintage 2014.

This coffee was crafted using specific controlled conditions, including regulating the time, oxygen, moisture in the air, light and atmospheric pressure. A rotation system was also implemented for the bags of harvested coffee to ensure the ideal aging process.

To celebrate the launch of Selection Vintage 2014, Nespresso has partnered with the master glassmakers at Riedel to craft a set of two stunning Reveal Espresso Intense crystal glasses. The carefully proportioned vessels allow the meticulously aged Limited Edition Grand Cru to express its balanced aromas and smooth texture, maximising the sensorial pleasure for a truly exquisite gourmet coffee moment.

The Selection Vintage 2014 is now available at Nespresso boutiques and online until stocks last; and the Reveal Espresso Intense crystal glasses are available at Nespresso boutiques and online.

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