Hong Kong Food & Culture Releases

Expats and locals can now experience Hong Kong’s food culture through the eyes of local artisans, restaurateurs, and streetside hawkers with the 352-page Hong Kong Food & Culture: From Dim Sum to Dried Abalone by local food guru Adele Wong.

The Hong Kong foodie bible, now available at select bookstores across the city and online, delves into a variety of topics, from traditional Chinese medicine, herbs and spices, to Cantonese sauces, dim sum dishes, and the city’s vibrant wet markets. Read about the Yin Yang food theory; the impact of colonialism on cha chaanteng dishes, and the origins of dim sum, while brushing up on handy Cantonese terms and classic Hong Kong-style recipes that are easy to replicate at home.

Each chapter is graced with interviews with local food figures, including ceramic bowl painters, dried seafood sellers, and dim sum chefs, and is illustrated with brilliant culinary photography that brings this foodie hub to life.

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