Zipline Canopy Tour Opens on Malaysia’s Langkawi Island

The Umgawa Legendary Adventure has opened on Langkawi Island, as the first zipline eco-canopy tour inside the island’s treasured Matchinchang Cambrian Geoforest at Seven Wells, also known as TelagaTejuh.

The 2.5-hour zipline eco-canopy tour features the highest and longest overall course, with an emphasis on rainforest wildlife, geologic exploration and conservation inside the Unesco-designated Geopark, a 30-minute drive from anywhere on the island.

The course includes 12 individual ziplines with two lines traversing past Seven Wells waterfalls featuring a vertical drop of 91m, while a double zipline allows two adventurers to fly together. The tour also features three rope bridges suspended between trees, and a steep descent from the last platform with spectacular views of the Andaman Sea.

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