Herbal Purity Launches AntrodiaCinnamomea Capsules

Herbal Purity Group, a health and lifestyle brand based in Hong Kong, has launched their highly sought after AntrodiaCinnamomea capsules in Hong Kong.


Herbal Purity's cultivation plant is one of Taiwan's only government-approved cultivators for AntrodiaCinnamomea, a fungus indigenous to Taiwan and known as the “ruby of Taiwan”. The capsules, now available at Watson’s, are 100 percent pure AntrodiaCinnamomeathat has not been diluted or mixed with other ingredients.


Harvested from the inside of rotting heartwood of the indigenous Bull Camphor Tree, CinnamomumKanekirai, AntrodiaCinnamomeahas long been used as a natural therapeutic ingredient for Chinese medicine, revered for its anti-oxidative, anti-hepatitis, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. It is also widely known to help boost and support healthy liver function.

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