Acqua Di Parma Unveils Six New Face Formulations

Acqua Di Parma has created Italian Resort, a new collection of six new face formulations using Mediterranean Re-Activating Complex that enhances skin cell revitalization to create a rich and complete beauty routine for frequent travellers to retain revitalised skin.

The six age-defying formulations include the Face Restoring Mask, Face and Eye Cleansing Oil, Face Cleansing Mousse, Purifying Facial Toner, Moisturizing Face Lotion, and UV Face Protection SPF 50.

The Face Cleansing Mousse removes coatings and impurities from skin and combines delicate cleansers in a special cocktail of marine minerals, which help skin maintain its natural balance.

With extract of fig, the Moisturizing Face Lotion hydrates and improves skin’s natural elasticity and compactness, reducing small wrinkles and signs of stress and fatigue.

The UV Face Protection SPF 50 combines UV filters to create a daily barrier against toxins from UVA and UVB rays.

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