Find Your Ideal Neighbourhood in New York

If you’re planning for a longer stay in New York City, you should check out the updated PlaceILive portal, designed to help users choose their ideal neighbourhoods based on their needs.

PlaceILiveis a system that takes into account a user’s personal needs and preferences and finds out their ideal neighbourhoods. It uses machine learning technologies to provide even more accurate search results with every inquiry made. You can view information about safety, transportation, leisure and more on maps with street view and address lists.

The portal covers 288 New York City neighbourhoods, allowing New Yorkers and travellers to explore neighbourhood choices that were out of their radar. For example, die-hard Upper-West-Sider might realize that if they stay in Brooklyn Heights, their commute to Manhattan would be shorter, they would pay less for rent, and have a lovely running path in front of their beautiful brownstone.

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