Rimowa Launches Electronic Tag

Rimowa has launched the first digital and fully-integrated mobility solution for luggage, making flying with baggage more convenient and secure than ever. Consisting of a Rimowa suitcase with built-in E Ink screen that links to an airline app, this new technology is presently available with Lufthansa, with other airlines to follow.

Instead of spending time waiting at the airline counter, travellers with Rimowa Electronic Tag can simply check in their luggage from home or while on the road using the airline app. In addition to a digital boarding pass, passengers will receive digital luggage information from the airline for their booked flight. With one click the luggage information can be sent via Bluetooth from the smartphone to the tag-equipped suitcase, with the details immediately displayed on the built-in E Ink screen. The Rimowa suitcase can then be dropped off within seconds at the airport.

In terms of size and appearance, the luggage information displayed on the electronic data module corresponds to today’s paper labels, including the green EU stripe required by customs. The important information is also protected from moisture, heat, cold, shocks and vibration and cannot be accidentally torn off, perfect for road warriors always on the go.

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