Tory Burch Presents Jolie Fleur Fragrances

Those who love wearing a floral scent on the road should check out the new Jolie Fleur by Tory Burch. It is a collection of three unique fragrances inspired by the flowers and colours in Tory’s garden, including rose, lily of the valley, and tuberose.

Jolie Fleur Rose fragrance captures the soft blush colour and aroma of roses in Tory’s garden, featuring a feminine and romantic blend of classic rose essential, fresh tea rose, woodsy cashmeran, and musk. Boasting a crisp green colour and the dewy aroma of lily of the valley, Jolie Fleur Verte is a tomboy and easygoing mix, with hints of mandarin, neroli oil and jasmine. Jolie Fleur Bleue pairs the intoxicating aroma of tuberose perfectly with crisp grapefruit, creamy sandalwood and earthy vetiver for an understated and elegant scent.

Each blend comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a signature fretwork top and refined colour accent. They are available at Tory Burch Beauty Travel Retail locations worldwide.

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