Cross the Mara River during the Great Migration

Guests on a new safari from Aqua-Firm will have the opportunity to witness the best of Tanzania’s wildlife during the Great Migration Mara River crossings.


Aqua-Firma, the wildlife and marine life travel company, has added to its extensive portfolio of Tanzanian travel, a new small group safari aiming to catch the Great Migration as it makes the death-defying crossing of the Mara River. As hunger for greener pastures drives more than a million wildebeest and zebras across the river, hundreds of huge Nile crocodiles lay in wait, ready for their annual surge in food supply.


Whilst Aqua-Firma already offers private safaris to see this event, and weekly small group safaris in the southern Serengeti, these new small group safaris provide a more affordable way for singles and couples to experience this phenomenon in the far north of the park.


Starting in Arusha, these new small group safaris will set out overland first to the Lake Manyara National Park; then to the year-round wildlife hotspot of the Ngorongoro Crater; the ‘seat of mankind’ Olduvai Gorge; and then right across Africa’s famous plains of the Serengeti. Along the way, clients can hope to see prides of lions; pools and creeks full of hippos; black rhino; hyenas and jackals; herds of elephants; fast and sleek cheetahs and tree climbing leopards.


Guests will enjoy a combination of fixed and mobile tented safari camps, travelling onboard a specially adapted 4WD safari vehicle with no more than seven people, all with window seats, driven by a local expert tracker and guide. Whilst the overland journey out is an great adventure, Aqua-Firma makes the journey home much faster with a prop-plane flight all the way back to Arusha.

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