Aurora Marks US Parks Service Anniversary with Inside Passage Itinerary

This yearmarks the centenary of the incredible US National Parks Service, and what better way to celebrate than by traveling on an intrepid floating basecamp through some of the most remote National Forests and Monuments of North America.


Aurora Expeditions' voyage, Alaska's Inside Passage, takes travellers to a wonderland of stunning flora and fauna. Carving its way through glassy waters, passengers on board the comfortable Wilderness Adventurer have a front row seat to view Alaska's world of dramatic mountains, lush temperate forests and spectacular wildlife.


The remote National Forests are home to the most magnificent American wildlife. Mighty bears nonchalantly pad their way through verdant American woodland, black tail deer bounce across shallow waters, and formidable packs of wolves can be seen playfully enjoying the Alaskan summer.

And guests couldn't be closer to the action. Hop on a zodiac and explore the enchanted forests; always watching out for moose, mountain goats and the majestic bald eagle. And for those water lovers on board, sea kayak among spirited porpoises and paddleboard through seal lion land. The viewing decks of the Wilderness Adventurer make for the most comfortable perspective, and a great way to snap that picture of a breaching whale or a hunting bear.

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