Build Your Own Feast

The W Taipei has launchedDIY Burger at the Kitchen Table restaurant. The unique burger menu offers a wide range of choices from home-made  patties, fresh toppings, selections of cheeses, handmade buns, secret recipes sauces, to interesting side dishes and so on. “Made in Taiwan” burgers are definitely the most exotic and extraordinary ones, and include the “3-cup Chicken Burger” and the “Stinky Tofu Burger.”  Guests are encouraged to build their own burger and explore the adventure of the world of burger. 

“Burger is one of the most popular and iconic food from U.S,” says W Taipei executive chef Bradley Froehlich. “Besides the signature ground American choice chunk burger I would like to play with local flavors and to create a ‘palate shock’ for both our international and local Taiwanese guests. The 3-cup Chicken burger is the first Taiwanese entrée that came to my mind for this experimentation. You can taste each authentic flavor of this traditional dish from the tailor-made burger patty; a mix savor of ground chicken with Chinese basil, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil and Shaoshing wine.” 

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