Punjabi Pop-Up in Hong Kong

Black Sheep Restaurants will strike again with Punjabi!, a three-night pop up dedicated to the moreish flavours and culinary traditions of Punjab. From Thursday, 7th January through Saturday, 9th January, the Hong Kong-based hospitality group will team up with acclaimed chef Akhtar Nawab to present a retrospective on this underexplored genre of South Asian cuisine. 


Punjab, which spans northern India and eastern Pakistan, is known for its prolific agriculture and savouryclaypot method of cooking meat, fish and vegetables. The region is also home to Black Sheep Restaurants’ Co-Founder Syed Asim Hussain. “Some of my greatest food memories come from growing up in Lahore, the home of Punjabi cuisine, and I’ve always wanted to explore these unique flavours and traditions with my Hong Kong family and friends,” says Hussain.


The name Punjabi! refers not only to the region, but is also a local expression used to describe someone or something that is over the top. True to its name, guests at Punjabi! can expect a provocative meal that pays homage to the earthy flavour profiles and eccentricities of the region, whilst taking advantage of Hong Kong’s access to premium produce, meat and fish from around the world.  Dishes like Fire-roasted "seekh" kebab with traditional spices, Spiced duck breast with keema, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves and Claypot-cooked "dum" rice with amchoor and biryani represent the evolution of the cuisine or “modern authenticity,” as Hussain suggests.  


"Growing up with these flavours, I always knew how special and unique they were. It's exciting for me to have the ability to share them with a new group of diners," says chef Nawab.


The family-style meal will be limited to 40 guests per night, and will also include a beverage pairing of lassi to start, wine and a traditional Punjabi Patiala, a double whisky nightcap, for HK$588 per person.


Hussain and chef Nawab connected over their shared ambition to tell the story of Punjab’s rich gastronomic heritage. Nawab, who is based in New York City, has made a significant impact on the perception of regional Indian cuisine in the United States. He recently partnered with chef David Chang and Lucky Peach Magazine on an immensely popular tandoori steakhouse pop up called Randy Krishna, where he skillfully combined steakhouse favourites with northern Indian flavours and cooking techniques.


Known for introducing niche culinary subcultures to Hong Kong, Black Sheep Restaurants’ latest exploit will provide guests not only with a progressive and lively dining experience, but also a newfound appreciation for Punjab and its colourful culinary history.

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