Galapagos and Beyond with Quark

Adventure specialists Quark Expeditions will offer two Galapagos Islands itineraries, as well as small exploration boat expeditions to Antarctica and Falklands aboard the Hans Hanssonas part of its 2016 Explorers’ Collection. 


The intimate Galapagos cruise experiences, complete with veteran Quark guides and featuring comfortable, well-appointed staterooms and excellent service will now be offered aboard the small expedition ship, Evolution. During the Galapagos Expedition: Darwin's Playground, Central and North itinerary, passengers will explore biodiverse and geographically stunning Galapagos Islands on a ten-day adventure showcasing the avian wonders of Genovesa Island before venturing to volcanic islands by Zodiac, and visiting the famed Charles Darwin Research Centre and Black Turtle Cove mangroves.

On the ten-day Galapagos Expedition: Darwin's Playground, Far West itinerary, guests will explore Galapagos’ inner islands as well as more remote outer regions, including Isabela Island, Bartolomé, Santiago Island, Bachas Beach and Dragon Hill on Santa Cruz Island, San Cristóbal Island and Española Island, the southernmost island in the archipelago. Passengers will have the opportunity to see nesting iguana, baby tortoise, flightless cormorants and other species unique to the Galapagos Islands.


In addition, the Galapagos and Antarctica: Equator to Pole itinerary pairs the unrivalled diversity and wonder of Galapagos Islands with a classic Antarctic Explorer expedition for a trip of a lifetime. In 21 days, travel from the volcanic islands of the world's most biodiverse archipelago, to Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, Argentina, across the legendary Drake Passage through to the Antarctic Peninsula. Passengers may find themselves snorkelling with sea lions, marine iguanas and massive sea turtles one day and just a short time later, witnessing thousands of penguins preening for their guests in Antarctica.


For an even more bespoke experience, the nimble 12-passenger small exploration boat Hans Hanssontakes passengers to the Southern Ocean's most remote coves, inlets and havens of the Falklands and Antarctic Peninsula during the 17-day Intimate Falklands: Bespoke Expedition. This unique cruise exposes passengers to abundant wildlife and rugged scenic beauty. In the East and West Falklands, islands teem with small birds, elephant seals, Magellanic penguins, southern giant petrel, southern sea lions and other unique species. Passengers will have ample opportunity to discover by ship, Zodiac, and on foot, with a variety of historical and environmentally significant landings to explore.

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