The AmanOnsen Experience

Aman has launched its second Japanese property with the opening of Amanemu in IseShima National Park. Celebrating Japan’s ancient onsen tradition amid stunning natural surrounds, Amanemu is located in Honshu’s Mie Prefecture, some 300km southwest of Tokyo.

From its perch above the shores of Ago Bay, known as the ‘Bay of Pearls,’Amanemu boasts 24 guest suites and four two-bedroom villas, all of which have their own onsen. Each suite, like most of the resort, features classic Japanese aesthetics borrowed from the country’s ryokan tradition, and blends seamlessly with the natural surrounds. Guests can continue their onsen experience at the Aman Spa, which offers two expansive onsen bathing pavilions, a watsu pool, four treatment suits, a gym and a yoga studio.

After working up a sweat, guests can sate their appetite at the resort’s restaurant, which celebrates the region’s gourmet heritage of Miketsukuni (land of Imperial provisions) that includes abundant seafood and the Matsusaka variety of Wagyu beef.

“Following on from the opening of Aman Tokyo and continuing the Aman journey in Japan, we intend to create a true Aman experience that will provide our guests with the very best of Japan’s unique natural beauty, exquisite cuisine and omotenashi, the special spirit of hospitality,” said Aman CEO Olivier Jolivet. “Amanemu is in an exceptional location and as per the Aman DNA will be harmoniously blended with its surroundings. This, our first onsen resort, with its nutrient-rich hot springs, will offer an enriching holistic experience that is very much centred on wellness and tradition.”

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