Explore Tokyo’s Cultural Heritage

The Palace Hotel Tokyo is inviting guests on insider experiences into two of Japan’s most lauded cultural experiences – sumo wrestling and Kabuki theatre. The luxurious hotel offers a series of Palatial Pursuits, bespoke experiences that highlight the best of Japanese arts and culture, and the two latest additions allow visitors to get up close and personal with sumo wrestlers and Kabuki performance artists.


With Grappling Tokyo, a hotel docent will take guests on a behind-the-scenes look at Japan’s national sport. During the three annual tournaments held in Tokyo – in January, May and September – a former broadcaster and current sumo sports writer and announcer will accompany guests on an all-day visit to the hallowed Kokugikan arena and museum. The Grappling Tokyo package is priced from JPY500,000 (US$4,048) for a two-night stay. Time your visit to for the two weeks leading up to each sumo season, and you’ll enhance the experience with an behind-the-scenes tour of a sumo wrestling training stable, led by an expert, and the chance to chat with a sumo wrestler over a lunch of the traditional chanko nabe, a hearty stew eaten by the wrestlers to build up their weight in the lead up to the tournaments. Rates for the enhanced Grappling Tokyo experience start from JPY627,000 (US$5,076).


The Unmasking Tokyo package takes guests on a bespoke exploration of the well-known, but often misunderstood Kabuki theatre. Guests will sit down to a pre-performance lunch with a local Kabuki journalist and commentator, who will introduce the traditions of this ancient stage tradition, before watching a performance at the recently restored Kabuki-za theatre. Once the curtain drops, guests will go back stage to meet and great – or perhaps even share a dinner – with members of the cast and crew, and try on the Kabuki costumes for themselves. Prices for the Unmasking Tokyo package start from JPY458,000 (US$3,707) for two nights.

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