New Ryokan Adventures

Guests of the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo will now be able to spend time at two unique ryokans in Japan’s Hokuriku region, thanks to the addition the two new destinations to the hotel’s Enchanting Excursions lineup which has been created in partnership with The Ryokan Collection. The initiative will take advantage of the new JR Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train to support the hotel’s efforts to help their guests explore a different side of Japan.

With the Zen Experience in the Land of Sacred Yamashiro Hot Spring Town, guests can enjoy a two-night, three-day excursion to Kaga Onsen, three hours from Tokyo. In this old-world hot spring town, guests will stay at Beniya Mukayu, a traditional Japanese ryokan of just 17 rooms that offers an intimate setting and outdoor hot spring baths. While here, guests can experience a traditional tea ceremony; indulge in a centuries-old spa treatment called Entei Seijutsu-In; and sample kaiseki-style Japanese cuisine. Guests can also personalise their experience with a range of activities, including yoga, Japanese cooking classes, calligraphy; and trips to the historic city of Kanazawa, known for its geisha district; Yokyoji Temple, the second oldest Soto temple in Japan; and the heritage-listed farmhouses in Shirakawa-go.

A second package, A Taste of Traditional Japan in a Beautiful Yamanaka Hot Spring Town, is a two-night, three-day experience at The Kayotei ryokan, set amidst the thick forests and Japanese gardens of Yamanaka. With strong connections to local artisans and organic food producers, the ryokan offers guests the opportunity to visit artisans in a makie lacquerware studio, the Matsuura Sake brewery, or a tofu maker, among others. Guests are also able to see more of Japan, with the ryokan well-placed for day trips to Hakusan, one of Japan’s three holy mountains; the Zen Buddhist temple at Eiheiji; or the stunning Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Park.

Guests opting for either package will be able to use a complimentary package-delivery service between the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo and the two ryokans, so they can make their journey at their leisure.

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