Foodie Foray

Westin Hotels & Resorts has created a unique experience for Italy-bound foodies. The Personal Food Shopper is an inspiring escape designed to allow guests to eat well while travelling and discover Italy’s finest food products in the cities of Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice.

Personal Food Shopper allows guests of The Westin Europa & Regina Venice, The Westin Excelsior Florence, The Westin Excelsior Rome, and The Westin Palace Milan to indulge in wellbeing-inspired tours of Italy’s world-renowned culinary diversity, introducing them to local, family-run food shops and boutiques with top-quality food products that are largely unknown to the public.

The Personal Food Shopper experience enables guests to ‘Eat Well,’ the current theme of the Westin Well-Being Movement, by introducing them to nutrient-rich and delicious Italian food. Westin guests will be toured through traditional markets, historical shops, exclusive gastronomic boutiques, and renowned gourmet trattorias by an experienced, multilingual food guide who will provide nutritional insights, tips, recipes, and assistance in case guests wish to purchase or ship products back home. The Personal Food Shopper tours will also include education on the products’ histories as well as food and wine tastings in unique gastronomic boutiques.

In each city, a passionate foodie with relevant experience as either a guide, journalist, or blogger, has been selected to unveil the greatest shopping spots to Westin hotel guests. Silvia Moneti in Florence, Andrea Vigna in Milan, Sarah Grunwald in Rome, and Elena Bianco in Venice are the expert food guides, eager to accompany guests through Italy’s finest culinary shopping experiences.

“Italian cities are internationally recognised as capitals of good food: the Westin Personal Food Shopper tours represent an opportunity to explore the historical beauties of the cities while enjoying the authentic and unique Italian products,” explains Sarah Grunwald, personal food shopper for Rome. “We will act as real food curators by creating customised food itineraries according to the guest’s personal taste and preferences.”

The half-day experience can be booked any day of the week at a price of €200/US220 per person (maximum of four) and €250/US$275 per person (maximum of eight). Tours will be available in the main European languages and bookable with a minimum seven days’ notice.

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