Underwater Adventures at Laucala

Laucala Island, the luxurious private island resort in Fiji, has launched the world’s most exclusive underwater voyages with the introduction of the DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible at its Garden of Eden paradise.

Affluent guests visiting the secluded 3,500 acre island can explore the island’s coral reefs inside the unique submersible, as Laucala is the first resort in the world to introduce the futuristic two-seater into service.

Piloted by an experienced skipper, the high-tech winged submarine, with 360-degree viewing through acrylic domes, allows guests to experience the clear blue waters off the coast of the island from depths of 40 – 60 feet.

For what usually costs US$2,000 per person per hour, Laucala Island guests can enjoy the dry experience, though feet below the waves, as part of the daily activities included in their stay. Laucala Island is the only resort in the world with an all-inclusive package that comes with such an exotic aquatic experience.

The underwater route takes guests from the white sands of the main beach to ‘Black Rock,’ situated on the island’s inner reef. The submarine weaves through one of the most bountiful and colourful hard coral reefs in the world, passing abundant marine life, including schools of tropical fish, Christmas tree worms, scorpion fish, clown triggerfish, turtles, leopard sharks, and stingrays.

In addition to the submarine, activity-loving guests with a penchant for water sports can enjoy a host of pursuits such as sailing, diving, and snorkelling, state-of-the-art jet-skis, kite-surfing, sport-fishing, and paddle-boarding.

Laucala is famed as one of the world’s most exclusive resorts, and no other private island offers such an extensive range of leisure activities. What’s more, 350 staff taking care of just 25 villas means the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the world, ensuring out-of- this-world service which complements the out-of- this-world experiences.

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