Nobu To Challenge Tastebuds

Nobu at the Intercontinental Hong Kong will offer a special a la carte menu featuring sea urchin (uni) from August 7 through August 23. Traditionally, uni is served raw as sashimi or in sushi, with just soy sauce and wasabi, but this August at Nobu, the delicacy will be presented in a variety of ways, including traditional dishes, creative takes by chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and innovative creations by executive chef Oyvind Naesheim and executive sushi chef Hideki Endo.

Two types of live uni – Hokkaido Bafun and Russian Murasaki – have been chosen to be served on the shell, while one type of fresh uni-  Saga Karatsu – will be served on a wooden platter. Each type can be ordered individually, or as a sampler combination that allows diners to experience the different character and textures in each uni. The live uni will be imported daily from Japan and Russia during this promotion.

Traditional-style uni dishes on offer during the promotional period include Uni Tempura, Wasabi Dip and Yuzu Salt; and Chawanmushi (a steamed egg dish). Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s contribution to the special menu is an Uni Shooter with caviar, quail egg, and sake ponzu, while chefs Naesheim and Endo have developed two dishes each. Homemade Uni ‘Tofu’ with Yuzu Amazu Ponzu; and Sautéed Inaniwa Noodles with King Crab and Uni Sauce have been created by Naesheim, while Endo has whipped up a P.U.B ‘Sandwich (Portobello mushrooms, uni, and roasted beef); and Uni Tar Tar with Summer Salad and Seafood Dashi Jelly. For a real treat, patrons can feast on an eight-course Summer Uni Omakase menu (HK$1,488/US$) which includes three uni dishes.

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