Tasmania Goes Digital

If you travel nearly thousands of kilometers from Asia to a little fishing town in Tasmania called Strahan (pronounced 'Strawn'), birthplace of the world's first green party and gateway to the last major tract of temperate rainforest left on our planet, a little local knowledge is highly recommended.  
Nothing will prepare visitors for the drama and majesty of the World Heritage West Coast Wilderness in Tasmania which is accessed via Strahan on the shores of Macquarie Harbour, six times the size of Sydney's. Travellers can, however, be prepared for every other aspect of their trip in to one of the world's last frontiers, thanks to a new interactive App now available on Apple, Android and HTML5.   
The free App, Discover Strahan, has been independently put together and funded by the town's community, so accurate local knowledge, top tips and up to the minute travel news is absolutely assured.  Visitors who make the spectacular 190 mile drive across several eco zones from the state capital of Hobart will find some of the most memorable and jaw dropping excursions of their lives here, in an island that is already reputed for packing a pretty impressive punch when it comes to world-class tourism experiences.
Experiences from Strahan include an epic eco-cruise from Macquarie Harbour to the lower reaches of the Franklin River and the 10,000 year old Huon Pines, a seaplane flight over rainforest that tracks the path of the 1980 loggers before landing on the Gordon River close to the site of the ill-fated dam that would have flooded this pristine valley; the 30 mile long 'Great Roaring' Ocean Beach and the West Coast Wilderness Railway that travels under steam through virgin rainforest from Strahan to the former mining town of Queenstown.  It is even host to Australia's longest continuously running play, The Ship That Never Was, which is acted out on the waterfront every night of the year with a little help from the audience.
As well as regional information, the Discover Strahan App has smart maps, a mobile booking facility, directions, special offers and information on upcoming events, along with local news and, of great importance to visitors planning their itinerary, the notoriously mercurial weather.  It also captures the spirit and inimitable personality of the town and its resourceful inhabitants through a gallery of images and a series of locally produced and often humorous videos. Clever integration with social media means that visitors can share their experiences with others, and benefit from the knowledge and recommendations of those who have made the journey before them.
The App can be downloaded from the Apple Store here or from Strahan's own website,

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