Palermo for the Palate

How do you really get under the skin of a city during a holiday? Villa specialist SoloSicily has come up with one solution for Palermo – through its street food.New for 2014 is a selection of Street Food Tours, led by locals by day or night, designed to introduce holidaymakers to the atmosphere and hidden sights of Palermo through its street food. The tours are also a great way to find out about the city’s incredibly diverse history and cultural influences, and a good opportunity for holidaymakers to find out where locals shop for the freshest and best-value seasonal ingredients.

 Regularly voted one of the world’s top cities for street food, Palermo’s streets are packed with local vendors selling an array of local treats ranging from arancine (fried and stuffed rice balls) and panelle e crocchè (fried chickpea fritters and potato croquettes) to the very traditional stigghiola (skewered lamb or calf intestines) and pane ca’meusa (spleen sandwich).

Options includes a daytime Market and Street Food tour through the bustling markets of Il Capo, Vucciria and Ballarò and the city’s narrow backstreets, pausing at authentic bakeries, taverns and street food hotspots, in addition to hidden churches; and a Night Tour aimed at providing a glimpse of Palermo nightlife, including welcome breaks for delicacies such as boiled octopus with lemon and parsley, fried aubergine and also tastings of the famous zibibbo wine at some of Palermo’s oldest taverns.

Daytime tours start at €20 (US$27.50) per person for a 75-minute Market Tour, rising to €35 (US$48) per person for a half-day Market and Street Food Tour, which includes a Street Food Eating Passport, with a list of tastings to be ticked off on route, and lunch at a traditional local ‘trattoria’. The Street Food at Night tour starts at €20 per person.

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