Caving in Vietnam

Backyard Travel has created a new trekking tour taking travelers to explore the picturesque PhongNha-Ke Bang National Park, an untouched utopia of breathtaking beauty on Vietnam’s north central coast.
The six-day, five-night Vietnam tour begins and ends in Dong Hoi, the capital of the QuangBinh Province which lies 486km south of Hanoi.Travelers will start their challenging guided trek from the town of PhongNha, initially embarking upon a 4km journey through the National Park making stops along the way at Tang Ham Co (nicknamed ‘Eight-lady Cave’) as they move to Paradise Cave (Hang Tien Duong).
The 31km-long Paradise Cave is one of the largest caves currently open to visitors in Vietnam and features breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites that can be viewed from a safe 1km-long wooden walkway.

The inspirational but physically testing journey through PhongNha-Ke Bang National Park then allows trekkers the chance to visit the NuocMooc Springs and the fabulous 7,729m-long PhongNha Cave which has an underground river running beneath it.The river’s path through the cave can be navigated by kayak and travelers can paddle their way through the spectacular cave which also features several ‘grottoes’ which can be explored on foot.Other legendary caves that the trek explores include the ‘dry’ cave Hung Chout, Hung Ton Cave and Hung Ton Cave which can only be reached by a 100-metre swim.

After navigating the TuLan Valley, trekkers will also have the chance to investigate the Hang Ken and Hang Kim ‘wet’ caves before visiting the inspirational TuLan Cave where they can discover the rare ‘cave pearl’ sand formations.While trekking through the park, travellers will also have the opportunity to sleep beneath the stars in tents or hammocks, or experience the community lifestyle of a rural village.

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