Indulge Your Spiritual Side in 2014 with Soma Journeys

Soma Journeys has announced its Sun and Moon travel program for 2014. The Sun program will run during the spring and summer, while the Moon program will be held through the fall and winter. The two journeys are highly customised, one-in-a-lifetime experiences, and include visits to sacred sites, encounters with spiritual guides, and plenty of time and space for reflection.

The Sun itinerary is an in-depth journey into the heart of the Himalayas, where guests will embark on a meditation and yoga journey through Bhutan. Meditation classes will be held alongside scenic hikes and excursions through pristine landscapes and serene Buddhist temples and monasteries. The itinerary starts from US$5,950 per person for an 8 day program, and includes full board at four or five-star hotels.

The winter program will take guests on a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, a sacred mountain high in the plateaus of the Ngari region of Western Tibet. Travellers will follow one of the most ancient pilgrimage routes, and because the journeys are being made in the auspicious year of the horse, they’ll be able to enter the fabled, and usually forbidden, Inner Sanctuary. The Moon program starts from US$9,950 per day for a 23-day journey, and includes full board, domestic flights, drivers, camping equipment, and boutique four or five-star hotels.

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