Aurora Expeditions First to Offer Polar Snorkelling in the Antarctic

Adventure cruise specialists Aurora Expeditions are giving passengers the rare opportunity to snorkel the icy waters of Antarctica as it becomes the first operator to offer polar snorkelling in the area. This unique experience will allow passengers to explore a side of the continent unseen by most, alongside native wildlife like penguins, seals, and whales.

From February 2014, intrepid adventurers on Aurora cruises will get the chance to discover the blinding speed at which penguins enter and exit the ice, marvel at the behemoth icebergs below the water, explore sheltered bays and secluded shipwrecks, and swim alongside inquisitive marine mammals. All expeditions are led by expert polar diving guides and use state of the art equipment, including specially-designed drysuits, gloves, hoods, weight belts, fins, masks, and snorkels. Passengers joining the polar snorkelling expeditions will be provided with all the necessary training and equipment necessary to undertake their nautical adventures. 

As well as snorkelling, passengers will have the option to scuba dive, sea kayak, climb, or polish their photography skills on select voyages. These include the Across the Antarctic Circle voyages in February 2014, and the Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula trips in March 2014 and 2015. Voyages start from US$7,200 per person, and the polar snorkelling add-on is an additional US$975 per person. The Antarctic journeys aboard the 54-passenger, ice-strengthened Polar Pioneer will depart from the far southern ports of South America.

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