New Wellness Menu at Langham Place Mongkok Restaurant

Catering to Hong Kong’s health-conscious diners, the two Michelin-starred Ming Court Cantonese restaurant at Langham Place Mongkok, has teamed up with Dr Gladys Leung, the Langham Hospitality Group’s global Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultant for its signature Chuan Spa, to create a new wellness menu featuring a range of dishes that are both nourishing and healthy.

Taking inspiration from Chuan Spa’s ‘five elements’ and TCM-focused philosophies, Ming Court’s new wellness menu incorporates ingredients which have been proven to be beneficial to particular parts of the body, in order to enhance bodily performance and restore elemental harmony. Some of the nourishing dishes on the menu include grilled ell and Chinese angelica, which is said to enhance the flow of ‘Qi’ and blood circulation; a stir-fry of scallop, black truffle, shingled hedgehog mushroom, and egg white, which helps combat aging and strengthens the immune system; and a whole superior pigeon with wolfberry and lily bulb, which helps improve vision and nourishes and liver and kidneys.

To celebrate the launch of its new wellness menu, Ming Court has created a special limited-time offer. The first 15 tables to order from the menu will receive a complimentary 30-minute Heavenly Jing Luo Foot Treatment at the hotel’s Chuan Spa, specially created by Dr Gladys Leung.

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