African Odyssey

Encompass Africa has created an exciting new safari initiative for the sophisticated and privileged traveller seeking exclusive, secure, stylish and enjoyable air travel in Africa with private aircraft and pilot. It celebrates the spirit and romance of mid-century air travel: all of the glamour and none of the hassle.
Encompass Africa by AIR offers the chance to explore some of the most romantic and exotic landscapes and wonders of Africa only accessible in light aircraft plus allows guests to maximize their precious holiday time. It removes the stresses and strains of flight connections and long bumpy road transfers, cutting out the crowds and restrictions and restoring the thrill of air travel and sense of freedom and discovery that marked the golden age of travel.
Encompass Africa by AIR offers an unrivalled travel experience, one that is attentive to your every safari need. Our team of staff in Australia and Africa are highly experienced, professional and reassuringly friendly: trustworthy in every respect ensuring privacy and discretion for luxury travellers.
The company works with guests to design a bespoke itinerary taking in remote wilderness regions that boast the very best luxury safari experiences and fly guests from camp to camp in luxury aircraft.
As part of the service, guests are fast tracked through customs and immigration in Johannesburg and transferred to the hanger and departure area of the company’s private light aircraft. On arrival they are greeted by a dedicated pilot, given a safety briefing before boarding and taking off to their chosen remote locations around Southern and East Africa. The luxury and adventure continues throughout the holiday with transfers between camps done in the light aircraft with the same pilot. This is unrivalled luxury where time is of the essence and you are the creator of that time.

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