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One of East Bali’s best kept secrets, AlilaManggis presents the mosttantalisingflavours and journeys of produce reaped from land and sea, with a special Culinary Experience, available on bookings of three nights or more. Available until September 30, 2013, the AlilaManggis culinary journey promises a rare discovery of the Balinese way of life and local food culture. Five unique foodie experiences designed by Executive Chef NyomanSantikainclude a Balinese Cuisine & Market Tour, Organic Garden
Cooking, Food for Your Soul, Junior Chef and "Catch and Cook" - A Seafood Adventure.

Culinary enthusiasts can begin with the Balinese Cuisine & Market Tour, on which they will witness the vibrant sights, sounds and aromas of Klungkung market, one of the busiest village markets in East Bali. Cooking opportunities on this tour include an introduction on how to use the ubiquitous Ulekan(traditional Balinese mortar and pestle) to create the embodiment of Balinese cuisine – Bumbu Bali (Balinese curry paste) and BumbuKacang (peanut sauce).

Alternatively, the Organic Garden Cooking program takes place below the foothills of Mount Agungoverlooking the sea, where guests can catch a glimpse of sustainable farming in Manggis and collect seasonal ingredients fresh from the earth. Tastings in the garden will be followed by a cooking session of the gathered ingredients in a traditional Balinese pavilion. Conditions apply.

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