Rimowa Unveils Luggage of the Future

Suitcase manufacturers Rimowa has teamed with aircraft giants Airbus and ICT service providers T-Systems to present the future of luggage at the 50th International Airshow in Paris. The three industry leaders unveiled a brand new smart baggage solution that centres around the first intelligent suitcase, the Bag2Go.

The futuristic suitcase is fitted with a radio and software module with a digital display. Passengers input all flight details with a smartphone app, and the information is then transmitted to the airline, which in turn generates a barcode which is shown on the suitcase’s display. This barcode is used for check in and routing; separate barcodes are created for each flight, and data is updated to incorporate travel annoyances such as flight cancellations or missed connections. Airlines and owners are able to track the smart suitcase at any given time – except during flights – and owners can also be informed if, when and where the suitcase was opened during its journey.

The manufacturers are hopeful that the innovative suitcase can reduce baggage handling costs to airlines and minimise the occurrence of lost luggage. They hope that their product will enable airlines to offer passengers a seamless baggage transfer service with pick-up and drop-off at home or at destinations such as hotels.

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