You Are What You Eat

This summer, Amanpuri in Phuket is offering the ideal antidote to stress and a sedentary lifestyle in the form of a five-night Wellness Retreat. Designed to enhance general well-being by integrating a personalised and holistic approach to fitness and detoxification, the retreat will be available from July 1 to August 31, 2013. Amanpuri's spa specialists will create tailored nutrition and movement programmes for every individual participating in the retreat, with the aim of boosting circulation, removing toxins and imbuing a sense of vitality. Amanpuri is a serene setting for such a journey back to wellness. Situated on a peninsula overlooking the Andaman Sea, the resort offers space, privacy and the rejuvenative balm of sun and sea.

The retreat begins with a personal assessment with a nutritionist, who will design a healthy menu incorporating juices and living foods (alkaline-based and not cooked over 115°C to preserve natural enzymes). Aman Pilates will complement the nutritional aspect of the retreat, with every participant receiving a personalised movement programme after an in-depth Aman Pilates postural assessment. A number of private Pilates sessions will then assist in improving circulation and awakening sluggish lymphatic systems, as well as toning muscles and strengthening cores.

Specialist treatment sessions including Polarity therapy and Deep tissue therapy will assist in the detoxification process. Polarity therapy is a form of bodywork that allows the energy within the body to rebalance. It unlocks holding patterns that create blockages and works on an emotional, mental and physical level. Within the context of detoxification, it assists the body's internal energy to move from stagnant (associated with blockages) to vital (assisting circulation and lymphatic flow). Deep tissue therapy is a bodywork modality that accesses layers of muscle and fascia to improve alignment, reduce levels of resting tension and create a more efficient postural and movement pattern.

The retreat will also include a pure relaxation aspect. Participants will be able to select a number of indulgent treatments including massages, scrubs, facials and wraps from the Aman Spa

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