Playing With Light

Belvedere will launch its fifth annual Belvedere Beat series across Hong Kong’s hottest clubs this spring, with a fresh new media campaign designed by London-based photographer Conrad Atton. After his pioneering “light dressing” techniques first took the design community by storm earlier this year, Atton is now bringing his iconic work to Hong Kong for the very first time by giving the Belvedere Beat campaign a dynamic and surreally luminescent look. In line with the campaign’s theme of “glow”, the campaign features a model wearing only “dresses” painted by Atton with luminescent light.
Specifically for Hong Kong’s Belvedere Beat campaign, Atton created novel brushes and techniques with electroluminescent wire to evoke the brand’s tree motif, playing with the illumination of the female form to evoke fun and glamour. The result of the cutting-edge process is intensely visceral images, almost like a dance with light.

Kicking off at Magnum on May 2, the series of parties will continue throughout May and June at Hong Kong’s hottest club venues, setting the bar for a fabulous summer of late night revelling. Expect top international DJs, sexy dance moves, and of course, lots of Belvedere.

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