Men Only Cooking at Westin Bund Center Shanghai

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, The Westin Bund Center Shanghai has introduced a 'Men Only Cooking Class'. Duncan Grey, Executive Assistant Manager for Food and Beverage says “the cooking class is targeted at sons and fathers who wish to present their mothers and wives with a unique Mother’s Day gift, and that is a home cooked meal that is beyond their expectations”.

The one-off class will be held on Saturday April 27 between 10am and 1pm at Prego Kitchen. Since Mother’s Day is on May 12, participants will have plenty to time to practice their newly-acquired skills before the big day.

The class will be led by Stefano De Geronimo, the hotel’s Executive Sous Chef. Participants will learn how to prepare a three-court Western Meal (an appetizer, main course and dessert) which they can easily recreate in the home kitchen. Following the class, participants will also enjoy a three-course set lunch at Prego.

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