Cultural Collusion

Culture encompasses a wealth of experiences to different people, from dining, to music, art or history and from local activities to traditional festivities. Azamara Club Cruises’ new exclusive and custom-made night-touring events, AzAmazing Evenings, delivers that range of experiences for the passionate up-market traveler. From an exclusive night at the ballet, to reveling at a waterfront party at Chanai, Crete, guests on a destination-immersive voyage with the cruise line will now not only enjoy longer stays, more overnights and night touring, but also be invited to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime AzAmazing Evenings event. Launching with each ship’s Europe season, AzAmazing Evenings reflect the culture and nightlife of intriguing destinations around the world and affords guests the opportunity to pursue their passion for culture on a sailing that features experiences they could only dream of.

The cruise line’s philosophy of destination immersion is reflected in one-hundred percent of Azamara’s voyages, which all feature late-night departures and overnight port stays at a destination, some for up to three days. Guests can revel in a destination’s nightlife, dining and entertainment plus enjoy an AzAmazing Evenings event, which offers experiences to suit a variety of culture-seekers. These include a night in the cellars of Spain's most famous cava producing family, including a tasting and a flamenco performance; front row seats at a jousting tournament in the port town of Sete in France; and a visit to a three-star Michelin restaurant in Spain's Basque region to experience the unique cuisine of chef Eneko Atxa.

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