Birthday Bash

This month world famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa returns to Hong Kong for two special dinner celebrations marking his birthday. On the evenings of March 12 and 13, NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong will present an eight-course Omakase menu showcasing dishes made with fresh seasonal products from Kagoshima, Japan.

NOBU Executive Chef Erik Idos and Executive Sushi Chef Hideki Endo will travell to Kagoshima before the dinners, personally select the ingredients to be used in this special birthday menu from farms and producers. The special menu will include dishes made with top quality products from Kagoshima Prefecture including Kurobuta Black Pork Belly, A5 Wagyu Striploin from Nozaki Farms and fresh seafood such as amami tuna, sakuradai, hamachi, Kanpachi kurumaebi, bonito and yellow tail. A variety of seasonal vegetables including pumpkin, string beans, bamboo shoots, Mizuna, Taro, Citrus Fruit, Kabocha, Shungiku and Japanese broad beans will also used in the NOBU Kagoshima Birthday Menu.

In addition, a special “Nama Sake” by Hokusetsu, Nobu’s sake maker, featuring a limited edition Nobu Birthday label has been created exclusively for these two birthday dinners. This Sake has the same high quality of YK35 sake, which is one of the most prestigious Hokusetsu products. Nama Sake is a seasonally brewed unpasteurized draft sake, which is released four times every year. Nama Sake has a much fresher, livelier and zingier flavour and is more aromatic. The second showcased sake is NOBU "The Sake" Daiginjo TK40, a bottle of which each guest will take home.

The NOBU Birthday Omakase Menu is HK$1,738+10% per person. To complement the meal, guests can choose an optional Sake & Shochu pairing for an additional HK$250 + 10% service per person inclusive of two Hokusetsu Sakes and one Kagoshima Shochu.

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