Flying Safe

Flying Safe


Despite the trouble Boeing is having with their 787 customers, 2012 was one of the safest years in aviation history, further reinforcing the fact that flying remains the safest form of travel.


Worldwide, for the year 2012 as a whole, there were four major accidents involving large western-built commercial airline jets, which resulted in a total of 304 fatalities. This represented a loss rate of one major accident for every seven million flights. Over the past five years, the industry has more than halved the average loss rate, as a result of continuous improvements in safety performance.


Asia Pacific carriers have maintained their excellent safety performance record, which is fully comparable to that of the leading European and North American airlines. AAPA carriers recorded one major accident during the past five years, the loss of a Boeing 747 freighter with two crew fatalities in 2011.


“Passengers can rest assured that flying is safe, and getting even safer, thanks to the efforts and commitment of a wide range of aviation industry stakeholders in sharing of safety data and the development of best safety management practices,” said Mr. Andrew Herdman, Director General of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA).

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