Hong Kong’s Kirala Kitchen Welcomes New Exec Chef

Japanese restaurant Kirala Kitchen has made quite an impact with Hong Kong’s foodies in a short time and has now lured Chef Atsushi Yoshida away from London’s fine dining establishment UMU to be Executive Chef here. Yoshida is a kaiseki specialist, skilled in putting together dinners of multiple courses of fine Japanese cuisine. And to celebrate his arrival in Hong Kong, the chef has created a special eight-course tasting menu beginning with sakitsuke, an appetiser of monkfish liver with homemade tofu topped with sea urchin, and including his speciality of snow crab, charcoal-grilled on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace, and then served with an aromatic crab roe cream cooked with seaweed. He’s also certified to conduct the traditional chanoyu tea ceremony and plans to personally serve tea to guests at the end of each evening.

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