Truffle Indulgence

Known as “the diamond of the kitchen”, the aromatic summer black truffle is available at Tosca at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong until August 31, with a five-course degustation dinner menu prepared by Chef de Cuisine Vittorio Lucariello.
Sourced from Northern Italy, the delicate summer black truffle is somewhat rough in texture and black in color. It has a knobby outer skin covering a tannish-white inner flesh. Unlike the pungent winter black truffle, the summer variety is more subtle in taste, releasing a distinctive sweet and rich woodsyaroma.
In view of the seasonality, Lucariello has designed a special degustation dinner menu featuring five delectable dishes that best showcase the unique character and taste of this summer black truffle. Highlights include the refreshing crustacean platter with summer black truffle in which the summer black truffle triggers the sweetness and freshness of the seafood; the homemade spaghetti with sea urchin, burrata cheese and summer black truffle has the rich-flavoured sea urchin, burrata cheese and summer black truffle perfectly match with each other and blend in well with the al dente spaghetti; and the black summer truffle that complements the tender stone-baked spring chicken, Colonnata lard and green peas. The summer black truffle degustation dinner menu is priced from HK$1,500.

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