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Asia's most unique eco-sanctuary has teamed up with world-renowned naturalist, adventurer and author Thom Henley to blaze new trails into the heart of Thailand's undiscovered gem, Khao Sok National Park. Khao Sok is Thailand's biggest national park; a mist-shrouded wonderland older than the Amazon and a treasure trove of biodiversity, with wild elephants, tigers, leopards, serow, banteng, guar, dusky langurs, Malayan sun bears, Asiatic black bears, barking deer, long tailed macaques, gibbons, 46 species of snake and almost 200 species of birds among the inhabitants of its 646 sq km of dense rainforest and spectacular limestone karsts. A major watershed for Thailand's south, the rainforest is also home to one of the world's most rare and amazing flowers, Rafflesia kerri, which can reach almost a metre across.

Park rangers trained by Mr Henley will guide Thanyamundra guests on trail walks into the beating heart of this enchanting 'Emerald Forest'. When in residence at Thanyamundra, the Canada-based Mr Henley will also guide some walks himself. His definitive tome on Khao Sok, "Waterfalls and Gibbon Calls", explains how today's national park is what remains of a 160-million year forest eco-system that in its heyday would have dwarfed the Amazon and central Africa's forests. He also points out that Khao Sok's limestone karsts resemble those of nearby Phang Nga Bay, as they were once all part of a giant coral reef. Plate tectonics had over millions of years thrust the reef skywards until it became the mountain range of Khao Sok.

Thanyamundra is located on the edge of the park proper, nestled in the rolling green folds of gentle hills but flanked by towering ghostly sentinels of jagged limestone. It's a setting of unsurpassed beauty, graced by two golden teak pavilions containing just nine suites, affording views over a mesmerizing, mist-shrouded valley. Over 70 rai of land has been devoted to organic farming and each crop is irrigated with water from a pristine mountain spring, resulting in exceptionally pure and
sustainable produce.

 Khao Sok is connected to two other National Parks (Sri Phang nga and Klong Phanorn) and two wildlife sanctuaries (Klong Saen and Klong Nakkha), together forming the largest and most vital protected wildlife habitats in SE Asia.

Each of Thanyamundra's spacious master suites and rooms are fully equipped with modern comforts from high-speed wireless Internet and LCD flat screen televisions to Thai silk interiors and spacious private bathrooms with separate rain showers.

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