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UnTour Shanghai added a new private culinary tour that explores the city’s delicious assortment of dumplings. The ‘Dumpling Delights’ walking tour complements UnTour Shanghai’s five other culinary experiences already on offer.

“Dumplings, in their many different forms and flavors, are not just China’s essential comfort food – they are the gateway dish for many foreigners interested in Chinese cuisine. But the sheer variety of dumplings available in Shanghai can be intimidating for the uninitiated.” says Jamie Barys, Chief Eating Officer of UnTour Shanghai. “Our Dumpling Delights tour takes the guesswork out of finding the city’s best dumplings. We showcase the simple beauty of a well-made dumpling, whether it’s handmade pork wontons the size of a dime or slippery rice noodle rolls wrapped around shiitake mushrooms and bok choy.”


For more than 2,000 years, Chinese chefs and home cooks have been perfecting dumplings in all their delicious bite-sized forms. On the Dumpling Delights tour, UnTour Shanghai guests will stroll through the charming former French Concession, sampling everything from potstickers fried up street-side to steamers of har gow (delicate Cantonese shrimp dumplings) at elegant dim sum mansions. During the tour’s tasting stops, culinary adventurers will slurp the city’s famous xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) while also exploring a Shanghai wet market, urban park, and traditional Chinese ‘lilong’ neighborhood.

UnTour Shanghai’s private food tours, including the Dumpling Delights option, are all-inclusive. A bilingual guide picks up guests at hotels and residences around the city. All transportation, food, and beverages during the tour are provided, and guests receive a welcome pack introducing them to the city’s dynamic dining scene. The Dumpling Delights tour lasts about three hours and covers a distance of 2km on foot. The cost per group up to six people is US$180 and is all-inclusive.

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